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GoldenTriangleTourOnline Providing information on Golden Triangle India Tour

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A road journey from Delhi to the interiors of Rajasthan leading to the state of the Kings of bygone era passes through the prominent cities giving us an experience of the culture prevalent in this belt. The road passes through the Thar Desert which is dotted with small prickly dwarf bushes; it is habitat for some of the creatures like rats, lizard, foxes etc. Occasionally one would sight the rural scattered village hamlet with ancient big and small haweli or palace like structures still existing till today.
The local population along the road is sighted leading the camel or riding on them. They are very noticeable in a riot of colors. Women in tie and dye mirror attached embroidered skirt-blouse loaded with jewelry and men in big turban and long moustaches are recognized as a community. The whole scene appears like a painting for which the state is famous. The communities that live here are the Bhils, the Meenas, the Garasiyas, Mughals, Kalbeliyas and several tribal communities.
If the state is bifurcated through south-west to north-east it is hilly and harsh and barren desert. Train journey is possible to all cities of the state. One added attraction is the luxury royal Palace on Wheels train between Delhi and Rajasthan. The wagons of the train once upon a time were owned by the Kings of the state. Included in the train are fees, accommodation and kitchen pantry.
The bus network is intricate and possible to board one at different timings. Include in your journey places like Bikaner, Mandawa, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Jaipur and Ajmer. The personal car journey gives you liberty to stop at destinations of your liking on the way. However buses stop only on predestined locations. The best season to travel is in winters through road routes and thus discovers many surprising facts in a pleasant way. The state sweets are exotic.
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