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Halo Reach Glitch: How to Level Up Fast in Halo Reach

By dexterhan : A how to tutorial about Level Up Fast Halo Reach, Halo Reach Level Up Glitch, Rank Up Quickly Halo Reach, Gaming with step by step guide from dexterhan.

Many people are searching the internet for information about how to rank up faster in Halo Reach. There are many different ways to gain points in Halo Reach besides just playing multiplayer games. To rank up fast in Halo Reach you should be doing all of the daily and weekly challenges and playing through the campaign and firefight. Multiplayer is a great way to get points and has the most replay value but firefight and campaign can help you rank up faster. Get a friend to play with you and keep up with all of the daily and weekly challenges to make sure you get the extra points as much as possible.

Find out which levels in campaign have the most enemies and play through the levels multiple times. This may get tedious but it is a fast way to get easy points. To gain points faster in Halo Reach multiplayer, make sure you are playing gametypes that you are good at. Try to find teammates that you play well with and can communicate well with. Finding a team in Halo Reach will help you quickly earn points by winning more games. Some of the fastest points in Halo Reach come from multiplayer victories. Keep playing through Halo Reach and you will be able to purchase all of the items available in the armory. The faster you earn points through campaign, firefight and campaign, the faster you will rank up in Halo Reach.

Level Up Fast in Halo Reach Step 1: Play Halo: Reach Online
You may be online all the time. You should connect on Xbox Live when you play Halo: Reach, even if you are playing single-player. When you complete missions and challenges, you can earn creadits.

For example, Kill 100 grunts with a head shot or stick 5 plasma grenades on Elites, which will increase a lot your credits.

If you play offline and win credits, there is a limit amount of credits you can bring when going online and you lose the rest, your work is practically in vein.

Level Up Fast in Halo Reach Step 2: Play Halo: Reach campaign on Heroic or Legendary If you can
Every mode you play in Reach will grant you credit, even the campaign. You can earn a lot of credit just by completting missions, getting medals and kills. If you play at a higher difficulty such as Heroic or Legendary you gain even much more credits. If you played with a friend in co-op mode on Legendary, you will rank up very quickly, and you woke up as Warrant Officer. There is one challenge that everyone can easily do, by completing mission 9 on heroic grants you 5000 credits.

You can always play with a friend to help you with the missions especially if you play on legendary, you earn the same amount of credits so don't hesitate to play with somebody.

Level Up Fast in Halo Reach Step 3: Play Rocketfight Mode in Halo: Reach
Firefight supports matchmaking now so you can choose from different modes you would like to play, one of the them is Rocketfight, this is a great chance to get your thousands of kills very quickly because each player is equipped with unlimited rockets! You have 12 minute session to blast every grunt in sight so you can get your multi kills very easily.

Level Up Fast in Halo Reach Step 4: Never Quit Halo: Reach
Never quit a game even if it is the worst one in your life, because if you keep on quiting, you will be put on probation so the next time you quit a game you don't like, you will be banned from matchmaking for 15 minutes.

Another good reason you should not quit, you won't get the "Match Finished Bonuses" which boosts up your credits.

Level Up Fast in Halo Reach Step 5: Commendations in Halo: Reach
Commendations are stable, not like challenges because they don't change from day to day. Commendations are based on your life time activity in Halo: Reach. You get rewarded when you reach a certain milestone, such as: Get Ten Assassinations in Matchmaking, if you get a lot of commendations you are rewarded with credits and the Real Admiral badge. The next level will is more pretentious, you will need 25 assassinations and so on, of course you get a bigger bonus.

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