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How do you clean your computer screen without damaging?

By nikiecsem : A how to tutorial about laptop, screen, clean, Computers with step by step guide from nikiecsem.

What is the best way to properly clean the screen of your computer?

We have almost all now a desktop or a laptop .. and we also have fingers and dust with us!

Here's a little guide to help you in this process of cleaning your computer screen ... we had the idea of making this tutorial because we see very often clients in computer repair at home who call us because they have a record from which most of their screen and wonder where it comes from .. and often, unfortunately, has just performed a clean evil that causes damage to the screen and is often irreversible .. so we advise you to read this.

These two components are the sworn enemies of laptop screens, as the dust settles on the screen of your [link=
d531.html]Dell latitude d531 battery and fingerprints also create a repository that will eventually hinder you to correctly view the screen of your computer.

We all know that computer screen is fragile, and should therefore be therefore handled with care if you do not want to risk damaging it irreversibly .. hence the question of how stupid the whole clean it properly without damaging it?

Here are some steps to guide you through the cleaning of a computer screen (fixed and mobile)

You will have some liquid to clean it, namely:

- Hot water - alcohol at 90 ° c or less if you do not have this test - even better, an anti-static as we find now even in the supermarket in house maintenance department .. . - A soft, non-irritating

It is essential that your Compaq HP nc6120 battery screen is turned off at the time of handling and even better, it is disconnected from the power outlet .. because even in standby, there may be waves flowing .. that could damage your screen.

Never clean your screen when turned on, you would take the risk of damaging it in a completely irreversible!

Then, depending on the type of screen you have, do this:

Clean a computer screen glass

A simple glass cleaner will clean itself perfectly to a glass screen, almost as similar to a window that you will clean. Preferably, do not spray the product directly to windows on the screen, but prefer a soft cloth on the application you will use ... for indeed, the product applied directly to the screen glass may leach into the Compaq HP 6710b battery and damage it. Then gently rub the screen as you would with a window to make it shiny and without fingerprints or other stubborn marks.

Clean a computer screen liquid crystal display (most computer monitors flat)

Do the same way as with a glass screen, but taking even more precautions, because the LCDs are very fragile, much more than computer screens glass ... Therefore apply the product in the same way, directly on the cloth or paper towel and then gently wipe the screen.

If you prefer a computer technician to help you properly clean your computer screen, call us, it is part of our IT support for individuals and businesses.

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