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How Much Commission Can I make Selling Scentsy Wickless Candles?

By Kelly Harvey-Independent Scentsy Directot : A how to tutorial about Scentsy Wickless Candles, Scentsy candle consultant, selling Scentsy Candles, Business with step by step guide from Kelly Harvey-Independent Scentsy Directot.

How Much commission does a Scentsy consultant make selling Scentsy?

Scentsy Wickless Candles is a MLM (multi level marketing) direct sales home based candle business that has reps who sell candles. Scentsy pays their candle consultants commissions based on their sales. A scentsy candle consultant has the ability to earn up to 39% commission along with other monotary incentives.

When you first join Scentsy you are known as an escential consultant- you remain at this title until you sell $1000.00. Your commission for these sales is 20%. After you promoted from your lifetime sales you are now known as a certified consultant and recieve 25% commission on all your sales. If in any given month your personal sales are $2000 or more you will receive 30% commission on your sales for that month. This applies to Any consultant within the candle business. You will remain at this title until you start building your team- it is then you will start to receive bonuses off of your own sales as well as your downline.

The titles of promotion for a consultant are lead, star, superstar respectively. After the ranking of consultant and if you and your team meet specified guidlines you can now move into the role of a director. From there you can become a star director. The highest title within Scentsy is a Superstar Director. Many consultants have reached this title within 2 short years.

Scensty does offer incentives to all brand new consultants for the first 15 and 70 days of enrollment based on sales and recruits. This ranges from discounted products to a $250.00 product credit!

Yearly, Scentsy offers incenitives trips paid for from the company. In 2010 the incentive trip was to Hawaii and in 2011 the trip was to Disney. Guidelines may be differant for every event but, are specified well before the challenge begins.

The benefits and rewards of becoming a Scentsy consultant are one of the best in the Direct Sales industry. For more information on the company or joining please contact Kelly Harvey at or view the site at

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