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How to Add Your Pic in Football Manager 2011?

By sherry : A how to tutorial about Add Picture FM2011, Add Manager Pictures FM2011, Add Player Pictures FM 2011, Gaming with step by step guide from sherry.

Everyone want to a good pic in their favorite game, how about you? I know you are worring about your pic in Football manager 2011, I will show 2 tips for you to tell you how to add your pic in Football manager 2011 .

Tips 1 - Add Your Pic in Football Manager 2011
If you already have a 'facepacks' folder set up in your 'graphics' folder
1. On your PC go into documents file, and then go to sports interactive, and then go to football manager 2011, and the last one go to graphics folder.

2. Create a new folder in the graphics folder, you can call it 'facepacks'

3. Go into facepacks folder and add your own picture (as a jpeg image), if you can i think you should resize your pic to about 140 pixels wide by 180 pixels high, as this fits perfectly in the image part of your player profile.

4. Then add into facepacks folder a CONFIG file with your own manager unique i.d.

5. Close all the folders, and start game of fm2011

6. Once game loaded, click on small 'FM' box (top right of screen) -> preferences -> display and sound.

7. Untick 'use skin cache'

8. Tick 'always reload sin on confirm'

9. Click 'confirm' button.

10. Should be done!
Tips 2 - Add Your Pic in Football Manager 2011
If you have no 'facepacks' folder set up in your 'graphics' folder
1. Go into your game and go to Preferences, choose "isplay and sound", Tick the boxes that say "Show Unique IDs" and "Always reload skin on confirm", Untick the box that says "Use Skin cache".(Also, if you aren't already in windowed mode, I'd suggest changing it now so that you don't have to close down and reboot the game completely.)

2. Click confirm and wait for the skin to reload.

3. Now go to your manager's profile page. Make a note of the long number under his name in the Header.

4. On your PC, go to the picture you want to use as your manager's picture, and rename it as the ID which you noted down.

5.Go inside the graphics folder and create another folder. This time call it "Facepacks". Place your re-named manager picture in here.

6.Download this a xml program which is " Facepacks ", It's a zip file, so you'll need to be able to open those. I use Winrar as it's free to download.

7.Install the fmxml, and open it up. Click and drag the folder called "Facepacks" into the browse bar of the program.

8. Tick the box in the bottom left called "All filenames are IDs' and make sure in the "Action" section you have selected "Make config.xml file", and in the Object section you have "Faces" selected.

9. Click the Go button. Once this is done, close it down and close your documents folder etc (if you want, doesn't matter much).

10. Head back to FM and, once again, go to Preferences choose display and sound, untick the box "Show Unique IDs" (unless you want to keep the IDs always in view).

11. LEAVE the other two boxes as they are. Click Confirm, wait for skin to reload and Bob's your uncle.

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