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How to Change Your Wife's Clothing in Fable 3

By ruby : A how to tutorial about change wife clothing in fable 3, fable 3 clothing problems fix, earn gold fast in fable 3, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Many guys want to know how to change wife's clothing easily in Fable 3. Here are some useful tips about changing your wife's clothing for you. Then you can know the easy methods to change the appearance of your wife.

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●Tip 1 - Change Your Wife's Clothing in Fable 3

Can you change your wife's clothing
1. A guy said: No. Otherwise, I'd have a bunch of naked wives running around the house....
2. This is a good question, though: I distinctly remember reading somewhere that you could change the clothes, hair and voice of your villager (from the Villager Maker; not regular villagers, married or otherwise) at a later date, but I have no idea how (or if they even implemented that feature).

Maybe you can go back in the actual villager maker and change those features? Could someone who's successfully made a villager and has them in their game check this?

●Tip 2 - Change Your Wife's Clothing in Fable 3

Wife changing clothing
1. I got married to a hooker as their the best looking gals! Try putting up the allowance and Im pretty sure her appearance will go up.
2. I married a prostitute one time, had a kid, and a minute or two later, there was this white spot on my screen and it turned out I got two STDs from her.
So I pulled out my Master Clockwork Pistol and blew her freaking head off.
3. I got married to a monk and kept trying to have another kid and ended up with four stds. Anyone can give them to you, it's random, to make you use condoms.

●Tip 3 - Change Your Wife's Clothing in Fable 3

Wife changing clothing

1. That sucks! I really that you could alter their appearance!
2. The whole wife thing is a little ridicules I find. Like giving them a status when you look in the options, apparently it doesn't reflect reality. My wife was Happy with our relationship, Happy with our home, Very Happy with the upkeep. I came to say hey before going to the Spire and she's like "You can't treat me this way, I'm leaving" and divorces me.
But it'd be simple to have the model change their clothes if you simply gift certain items to them, I really doubt it'd be hard to programme. Hopefully the wife system is a bit more 3 dimensional in Fable 3.

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