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How to clean your tattoo machine | Start Tattoos

By Jack : A how to tutorial about tattoo machines, how to tattoo, clean tattoo machine, Art & Entertainment with step by step guide from Jack.

When running a tattoo studio, it is essential to know the proper way of cleaning tattoo machines . Strict sterilization will prevent the spread of blood disease between customers. For the cleaning, you will need tools and supplies such as autoclave, q-tip, sterilized bags, sterile and gloves.

Wear on heat resistant rubber gloves before you start cleaning. Remove the tube, grip and tip from your tattoo machine and put them separately into sterilized bags. Put these bags on the tray of your autoclave. You may need to clean each of the bags separately depending on the function of your autoclave. Fill in water and sterile to the autoclave to the half measure and turn on the autoclave to clean the accessories. When cleaning is finished, wait until the temperature falls down to 0 before you take off these bags. Put the cleaned accessories in new bags and dispose the used bags.

All the disposable needles should be collected in a special bag and disposed properly. Don’t clean them with your autoclave the reuse them. Although the needles can be fully cleaned, it’s still illegal and very dangerous to use the same needle on different customers. Use soap and warm water to clean the gun. You may need q-tip to clean the corners, in order to completely make it sterilized. Keep your gloves on so that you won’t get injury during the cleaning. Don’t use liquid to clean the tattoo machine since the coils can be rusted.

When all the parts are completely dry, store them properly for next tattoo work.

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