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How to Defeat The Baron in Fable 3 Easily

By lucy : A how to tutorial about defeating fable3 baron, killing fable3 baron, defeating fable3 baron guides, Gaming with step by step guide from lucy.

As we know, the baron in Fable 3 is extremely powerful. Though you are trying to beat the baron in the game quest and you still can not figure out how to beat baron.
This article will show you how to beat baron and save the Princess easily.

Guide1: Beat baron in Fable 3

In the game Fable 3, while trying to rescue the princess from the baron, you have to use the sword to kill the baron.

Guide2: Beat baron in Fable 3

You have to use the sword that they(the nerds) apperently gave you too early in the game, I think it was called banesword or something to thay effect.

Guide3: Beat baron in Fable 3

once inside you will see the baron and the princess they run away. you open a chest inside and get a special sword. after that you go outside and follow the gold trail. the baron will summon hobbes to kill you, kill all of them and progress to the baron. slash him and you get to choose whether to insult the princess or kiss her. after that you will grow back in size and be rewarded with 5 guild seals and the orb of magicka trophy. My gamertag is Magasta666 and if you have any other fable questions just ask. By the way her is an infinite money cheat

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