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How to Disable 3G on HTC HD2

By dexterhan : A how to tutorial about Disable 3G HTC HD2, disable data htc hd2, disable internet htc hd2, Technology with step by step guide from dexterhan.

If you have a 3G powered phone, but live or work in a location that doesn’t have 3G coverage, you may notice that the battery seems to drain a little quicker than it should. The reason is because the phone will try harder to connect to 3G when the signal is poor or non-existent. This is by design, as you want the phone to step up the radio’s power in an attempt to capture a connection to a weaker radio signal. Which is fine if it’s a short term thing.

I’m using the European HTC HD2 as my primary phone. As a result, the 3G radio used on the device is not the same as what North America uses. So why not disable the 3G radio and save the power? On some devices you need to access a hidden operator menu in order to make changes to the radio of the device. On the HTC HD2, that’s not the case. Just follow these simple steps and you can set the HD2 to be locked on 2G:

1. From the Home screen, tap on Settings / Phone (you can also access the same menu by tapping on Phone / Menu / Options)
2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Phone Settings page
3. Tap on the last item in the list – Band
4. You should now be looking at the screen below with Network Type set to Auto, and Band Frequency also set to Auto
5. Tap on GSM (1900+850) and then tap on the Done softkey to save your settings.

Once you have the band changed, return to the home screen and give the device a minute or so to re-establish a connection with the carrier and then be sure to test things out. Try calling your phone to make sure that it’s still on the operators network, and then try to open a data connection and make sure the device is working as expected

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