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How to Easily Find Gnomes in Fable 3

By snow86 : A how to tutorial about finding fable 3 gnomes, fable 3 gnomes location guide, getting fable 3 rare books, Gaming with step by step guide from snow86.

Along with Silver and Gold Keys, there are Gnomes to be found in Fable 3. And you will want o find all gnomes in Fable 3. And maybe you have read some gnomes location guide in Fable 3. Here will give you another gnome in Fable 3.

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Here is the Gnomes List in Fable 3

7. Fable 3 Gnomes Location - Driftwood
Gnomes 1: From the Further back entrance with the single stall and farm go to the 'Docks' stand at the docks right in front of the farm, turn straight back and run up into the little incline between the 2 slender trees and rocks. The gnome will be waiting for you sitting on a Small Coach.
Gnomes 2: Swim across the lake taking the far river exit to the ocean beyond. On the island standing atop a rock, you will find the gnome.

8. Fable 3 Gnomes Location - Brightwall Village
Gnomes 1: To find this gnome is very easy. It's inside Brian's house, to the right of Brightwall Academy. Go inside and you will see this gnome up high on the wall.
Gnomes 2: When you are looking for the Bumbler's Gruff house, the gnome is on some rocks behind this.
Gnomes 3: You'll find this gnome in the houses below the chicken coops. And he's on a chimney about midway up the house.

9. Fable 3 Gnomes Location - Mistpeak Valley
Gnomes 1: Down the trail it forks, take the left path. When it forks again, takes the left again and head towards the icy water; you will find the gnome is atop a pillar of rocks.
Gnomes 2: Top right side of the Misspeak Valley Follow the road down, a sign will come up saying Brightwall. Stay to the left and follow it across the bridge. You'll come to another fork. Take the Right going up the mountain, It should lead you into a Dig site. Walk to the left and look down the mountain, very obvious. Here you will find and get this gnome.

10. Fable 3 Gnomes Location - Dankwater Cavern
Gnomes 1: When you inside Dankwater Cavern, head up the path towards the waterfalls. You should see the gnome on the rocks by the waterfalls.
Gnomes 2: When you progress through Dankwater Cavern there will be path that circles around a pile of rocks. And as you begin to circle around these rocks, you should hear him taunting you. Look behind the rocks on a small path just off the main trail to find him.

11. Fable 3 Gnomes Location - Millfields
Gnomes 1: At Reader’s Mansion. As you head down the steps towards the water, there will be a gnome in the garden on your right.
Gnomes 2: Head towards Millfields Monorail Station and turn right at the road before it. The gnome will be hanging off a cliff face on the right.

Maybe there are other gnomes in Fable 3, but I can only give you these. But I also hope this guide can help you find these gnomes in Fable 3.

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