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How to Easily Unlock HTC HD7 for Free

By snow86 : A how to tutorial about unlocking htc hd7 free, htc hd7 unlocking guide, syncing outlook with htc hd7, Product Reviews with step by step guide from snow86.

To unlock HTC HD7 can help you can use your phone on any GSM wireless network on any GSM wireless network anywhere in the world. If you want to unlock HTC HD7 for free, read this article which can help you easily unlock HTC HD7 for free. Enjoy!!!

Ways 1: Unlock HTC HD7 for Free

In order to unlock your HTC HD7 phone, you have to know the IMEI number. You can find this by pressing '*#06#' on your phone as if you are making phone call. After you receive the unlock code, following these steps you can easily unlock your HTC HD7 for free.
Step 1: Switch ON mobile with a not Allowed SIM Card.
Step 2: If phone ask, enter the PIN code of your SIM Card.
Step 3: Now phone will ask you to enter the unlocking code.
After these steps, you have unlocked the HTC HD7.

Ways 2: Unlock HTC HD7 for Free
Step 1: Simply provide us your HTC HD7’s IMEI (which can be found by typing *#06# into your phone), during check out.
Step 2: After order placement, the Unlock CODE together with easy to follow instructions guides will be sent to your email address within the time frame given.
Step 3: Follow the unlocking instructions provided by '' and easily dial in the supplied Unlock CODE for your mobile and start using your France - Orange HTC HD7 with any SIM Card.

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