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How to Find Elise in Fable 3

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When you are a king and you have a quest in Fable 3, you are wondering about how to find Elise though you went to orphanage, you still can not find her. How to find Elise in Fable 3? Here are several useful guides to help you find Elise and marry her.

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Guide1: Find Elise in Fable 3

You had to get to her 3 days after the kidnapped quest or else she leaves. You can wait about one week in game. she'll be there.

Guide2: Find Elise in Fable 3

Just kiss her. You won't be able to marry her right then. I found her in the tavern in Bowerstone Industrial and she is waiting for me there.

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Guide3: Find Elise in Fable 3

There is a popup that says "go meet elise" at some point. Just wait for it, or go to the orphanage and see if she is there. That is of course, assuming you didn't tell her to stick with lazlow.

Guide4: Find Elise in Fable 3

At around the second day ( for me ) a quest pop up will appear at the top of your screen called " A Lost Romance" It will tell you to go talk to Elise. For me, it did not appear in the quest list. She is in bowerstone industrial, in front of the orphanage.

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