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How to Find Orphanage in Fable 3

By ruby : A how to tutorial about finding orphanage in fable 3, fable 3 trick, fable 3 bugs fix, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

If you are a Fable 3 gamer, you may want to find orphanage. Here are some useful tips for you to find orphanage. Then you can find orphanage easily.

●Tip 1 - Finding Orphanage in Fable 3

Where is the Orphanage located in Fable 3?

1. The orphanage is Albion after you receive the crown in the game, Fable 3o.

2. Actually even if you turn it into a brothel right outside of it on the street you can adopt kids.

3. Bowerstone Industrial but when only ehwn youre king/queen because you have a choice of either building a orpphanage or somerthing else...if you build the orphanage you can adopt.

●Tip 2 - Finding Orphanage in Fable 3

In Fable 3 where is the orphanage where you meet Elise? It is in Bowerstone Industrial. She has been kidnapped and been held for ransom, by her current fiance. This should be a quest in the story that you do instinctually, due to it offering some good guild seals. This quest should become available while you are trying to win Bowerstone and Page's support.

●Tip 3 - Finding Orphanage in Fable 3

In fable 3 can i change the orphanage into a brothel even if i chose to rebuild the orphange? You can't. It's one or the other. Just make an evil character and make all the bad choices.

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