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How to Find Sunset House Demon Door in Fable 3 Easily

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In Fable 3 for the Xbox 360, finding the Sunset House Demon Door is fairly simple, and yet it will take you some time to do. How to find Sunset House Demon Door in Fable 3? There are several useful ways to find Sunset House Demon Door in Fable 3.

how to get into sunset house

Find Sunset House Demon Door in Fable 3

All that needs to be done for the Sunset House Demon Door to open is for you to be the King or Queen of Albion. Inside you’ll find 1,000,000 coins for your character.

Find Sunset House Demon Door in Fable 3

The easiest way it to use the map, go to sunset, demon door shows up as a quest on the map then just quick travel. If you don't want to do that its to the left when you first enter sunset.

how to get the swinging sword

Find Sunset House Demon Door in Fable 3

Return as Queen (or King) of Albion to access this Demon Door -- this will happen as part of the main quest you progress through the game. You can just walk right in and claim your 1,000,000 Gold prize in the "Pools of Sorrow" area.

how to open mistpeak vally demon door

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