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How to Fix Arcania Gothic 4 Crashes on PC

By dexterhan : A how to tutorial about Arcania Gothic 4 Freezes PC fix, Arcania Gothic 4 Crashes PC fix, Gothic 4 Black Screen PC fix, Advertising with step by step guide from dexterhan.

The Gothic franchise has forever been defined by free-roaming open-world gameplay, sweeping story and settings, and bugs. Lots of bugs. Publisher DreamCatcher freely admits that Gothic 3 was a great game in theory but an unplayable mess in execution. So former developer Piranha Bytes is gone, replaced by Spellbound Entertainment in the hope that fans of the epic role-playing game genre will eventually see Gothic in the same bright light as Oblivion. Spellbound's next project is Arcania: A Gothic Tale.

Problems 1: Arcania Gothic 4 Crashes to Desktop, Black Screen of Death

Arcania Gothic 4 Crashes PC Fixes 1:
Gothic IV doesn’t go well with different audio sample rates. If your
audio sample rate is set higher then 24bit 48000hz, you may face random
crashes to desktop while playing the game. In order to fix this issue,
you will have to change your audio sample rate to 24bit and 48000hz. How
you can do that ? follow the simple steps below:

* Go to Control Panel >Sound.
* Click ‘Playback’ tab, and select ‘Speakers’ and go to its
* In the Speaker Properties, click ‘Advanced’ tab.
* Now under the ‘Default Format’ drop down menu, choose 24 bit,
48000 Hz (Studio Quality) option.
* Save and close the window by pressing OK and run the game.

Arcania Gothic 4 Crashes PC Fixes 1. 2 :
Uninstall the game and completely remove it from the registry. Make sure you delete game settings folder in My Documents, and
re-install when you have done all that. You will find the Arcania registry entries in


Problems 2: Arcania Gothic 4 Start Up Crash

Arcania Gothic 4 Crashes PC Fixes 2:
If setting audio sample rate to 24bit 48khz and starting the game in
compatability mode as admin didn’t really help your cause. Make sure
your antivirus is not blocking the game. Try running the game with your
anti virus disabled and see if that helps.

*Quick Checks to Get Arcania Gothic IV Working*

* Make sure you have updated DirectX installed.
* Make sure you have updated your Video Card Drivers.
* Make sure you have .Net Framework 3.5 Installed.
* Also make sure your video card supports shadel model 3.0.
* Make sure you have set the audio sample rate to 24bit 48khz.

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