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How to Fix Fable 3 Glitches in a Second

By ruby : A how to tutorial about fable 3 glitches fix, fable 3 infinite gold, fable 3 bugs fix, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Fable 3 has released. Many guys have met Fable 3 glitches. Here are some Fable 3 glitches solutions for you. With the Fable 3 glitches tips, you can play Fable 3 smoothly.

As a Fable 3 gamer, I think you want to know:

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●1. Infinite Gold Glitch - Fable 3 Glitches Fix

You can get the detail baout infinite gold glitch: How to Get Infinite Gold Easily

●2. Quest 'Chicken Chaser' Glitch - Fable 3 Glitches Fix

A warning to all wo play fable 3 but there is a glitch on the quest 'chicken chaser'. Make sure you hand in the chickens 3 at a time otherwise it glitches and you cannot complete the quest, which means you lose out on points and cannot gain the chicken race minigame.

●3. Weird Glitch - Fable 3 Glitches Fix

Glitch: I slept for ten years [520 weeks]and my son hadnt grown.why and when i do you sleep he doesnt grow but he does when you come back from the spire. spooky +rep

Answer 1: It is not a glitch,your children will not grow up before the spire,after you return from the spire they grow up in just a few minutes.

Answer 2: You keep puting +rep signs at the end of your posts. I don't understand, are you giving/asking? Anyway children cannot grow before the spire. If your talking about the fact that they don't grow when your in the same region, then I don't believe it's a glitch...its just like that.

●4. Glitch After Crucible - Fable 3 Glitches Fix

Glitch: I' beat the Crucible the first time in order to go to the Spire... and I've beaten the main storyline. Then went back to beat the Crucible again, for the Chopper.

After 8 perfect rounds, I go to open the chest, which then loads me outside the Crucible, and I'm frozen. I can move the camera angle, and go into First Person Mode with the Left Bumper button, but I'm unable to move. And only via the Left Bumper button, can I fast travel anywhere or open the Save/Pause menu. However, once I fast travel, I'm still stationary. I cannot move.

I'm thinking I'll try selling my first Chopper to a local Weapons Trader, then go defeat the Crucible. I'm not sure what else I can do to close this quest.

Answer: I vaugly recall hearing about this glitch when the game first came out. So the profile your currently playing on already has the chopper, right? The problem has something to do with you already having the chopper, then earning it again. The reward chest has nothing in it and that skrews up the game.

But I just barely started playing the game again after over a year of not playing it at all, so I'm quite rusty. But I'm pretty sure this glitch has been covered before so there is probably a fix, somewhere. I sujest you get a terrible score in a round so you don't earn the chopper, that way you can at least get out of the crucible.

But even if you do solve the glitch and finish the crucible, the quest is never completed. It stays open so you can complete the crucible unlimited times.

●5. DLC Glitch - Fable 3 Glitches Fix

I paid for the DLC when I got my standard copy of Fable 2 but recently booted it up for the first time in a while and got a patch, now I have to be online to load my saves, if I'm offline it won't detect the DLC and so I can't load the saves - "different version. . ."
I tried starting new games, they only have trial DLC available until I use them while online then the DLC is there but after that I have to at least be online when I start the game up or I can't load them

I never got told that DLC needs a net connection every time you want to use it otherwise I wouldnt have bothered paying for it and gotten the Game of the Year disc instead

Answer: You can't trick your internet connectivity to be enabled, due to the fact that the console itself tries to reach the Microsoft Xbox Live servers when it needs. The best thing you can do is buying the GoTY (Game of The Year) edition, it didn't give any problems to me so far (none of the most usual glitches appeared to me, yet after a year)

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