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How to Fix Minecraft Bugs Easily

By ruby : A how to tutorial about minecraft bug fix, minecraft multiplayer bug fix, minecraft glitches fix, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Minecraft is not perfect and has some bugs. The article will show you some Minecraft bugs and solutions. They can help you to play Minecraft smoothly. If you have Minecraft bugs problem, you need it!

●Minecraft Weird Bug Online - Minecraft Bug 1

Me and a friend bought the game just the other day and we love it so far. I set up a server and we started playing. If my friend opens a door, its closed to me and I can't walk through unless I close and open it again. I tried using a mine cart and after I tried pushing it, it sat in place and wiggled around until it crashed the server.

He also can not see Creepers that I can, and vice versa. They also don't die... along with chickens, pigs, and cows. Everything else seems to work though. Yes I know the game is still in Alpa, but after watching other people play, I haven't seen any of this happen with them. (youtube, live streams)


Answer 1: Doors behave strangely in mutliplayer.
Minecrafts make servers crash (memory leaking I think)
No NPC's or players can die
Only you can see your explosions, others cant.

It's going to get fixed sooner or later though, so just hang in there.

Answer 2: a lot of features arent implemented yet

-you or mobs cannot die by damaging each other, you need fire or lava to kill things

-you cannot die by falldamage

-even if you set the server to "monsters = false" a player who has actived monsters on his client can see monsters while others don't

-minecarts AND tracks lag the server and kill it

-item health is not transported to other players
say you have a stone pick with just one use left, your friend can pick it up and he gets a fully repaired stone pick

-water and lava disappear if you take em from a lake and put em somewhere other

-you cannot see armor on other players

-you cannot see someone riding a pig or a boat

and im sure there are many many more but if SMP gets fixed (with boo update i hope) its going to be tons and tons of fun

●Minecraft SMP Bug - Minecraft Bug 2

Health and PvP may still not work after the update.
Duping may still not be fixed after the update.
Minecarts may still not be fixed after the update.

Is this from Notch's twitter?

Gotta say I will be really disappointed if Notch releases a whole bunch of new stuff, without taking the time to finish all the other stuff that should already be implemented. I get that fixing bugs is no fun, but come on now. We've been waiting on SMP damage forever now.


Search feature is working - I just checked. So again, there are threads on this already. If you want Notch to work more than his 12+ hour days to satisfy your particular demands than please post in one of those threads.

But other guy thought:

I think you missed the point of his post. Notch doesn't have time to do nothing but work on this game non-stop. He's getting married, he's working on buying an office, he has a personal life. Even if he were to fix SMP first thing, people would bitch about him not updating the game enough. Only people are bitching a lot less at him updating. SMP wasn't even going to be that big on a deal at first.

●Multiplayer Bug - Minecraft Bug 3

in multiplayer alpha, if you have a tool and drop it then pick it back up, it gets fully repaired.


You can see Minecraft bugs list and I think it will be helpful to you. Minecraft Bug List.

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