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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Problem Easily

By ruby : A how to tutorial about samsung galaxy tab wifi problem fixing, sync samsung galaxy tab with wifi, samsung galaxy tab video converter, Technology with step by step guide from ruby.

You may have Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi problem too. Here are some useful information about Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi and Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi problem fixing.

Samsung’s Android 2.2 powered Galaxy Tab is the device that many say will give the iPad a much needed run for its money. Featuring things such as a 7-inch AMOLED display, a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera and a 3 megapixel rear facing camera the Samsung Galaxy Tab certainly has quite a bit of firepower.

The only thing that many are saying will curb consumer attention is the fact that the device will require another wireless subscription.

Luckily, an advertisement for the Samsung Galaxy Tab has appeared at a Best Buy touting a WiFi-only version starting at $499.99. For some, this may be quite steep for a 7-inch tablet but at least we will soon have an alternative to the iPad, right?

●Samsung Galaxy Tab WiFi Problem Fix

Problem: I had no problem to connect to my WiFi network for 1 week: then suddenly the Tab would not connect and would remain stuck on “getting IP address…”.
I changed from WPA to WEP to WPA2 PSK with no luck But if I go to a static IP, then I have no problem to connect. On my office “public” WiFi network, exactly the same problem: it worked for a week and then bingo stuck on “getting IP address…”. Again going to static IP solved the connection problem. My question is: how do you delete a network from the list?

Answer 1: I had this exact same issue on the same day I bought my Sprint Galaxy Tab (11/14). I did a hard reset that afternoon, and I haven't experienced the issue since. I'd already had all of my apps downloaded, and settings tweaked, so hard resetting was kind of annoying. I hope this doesn't come up again.

Answer 2: My router is quite recent and has the latest firmware.
All my toys (iPad, Dell Streak, HD2 together with 3 PCs) connect without any problem. The Tab had no problem either for a week. Then for unknown reason no way to connect unless using a static IP. And as I have not found a way to delete the network in memory (short of doing a hard reset)I am stuck.

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