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How to Get Driftwood Golden Key in Fable 3

By Soffia : A how to tutorial about driftwood golden key location, getting fable3 golden key, fable3 driftwood golden key locations, Gaming with step by step guide from Soffia.

How to easily get the golden key in Driftwood? This article will show you how to establish Driftwood and get Driftwood golden key in Fable 3.

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1 Driftwood golden key location in Fable 3

You'll open up a way to the switch later in the game, after you've fully "unlocked" Driftwood. I just did it right now, and it didn't happen until well into my monarchy faze.
You have to get the ach Establish Driftwood. You can't advance the switch until you establish the island fully.

2 Driftwood golden key location in Fable 3

After completing the hobbe killing quest, you then start and complete the carpenter quest. This will give you access to that first switch. However, after you hit the orb and continue to do so, the orb will eventually land on yet another location that you cannot hit. That is when you do another quest where you escort a broke gambler to Driftwood since he's run into a bit of debt. Once you escort the gambler into Driftwood and complete the quest, exit the area and run around. You should get the achievement for completeing Driftwood, and you'll now be able to access the orb again. Once you reach the top, after hitting the orb for a little bit, you'll gain access to a nice prize.

3 Driftwood golden key location in Fable 3

An Island Getaway, Pest Control and Giftwood for Driftwood are what you need to continue hitting the flit switch. Check your quests to see if any of those are on there. You might have to wait a while in game for them to show up.

Once you do the "An Island Getaway" quest, leave Driftwood and go to sleep. The achievement should show up and Driftwood should be completely finished. If you don't have the achievement, you won't be able to progress

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