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How to Get Free Flaming Helmet Code in Halo Reach

By susan : A how to tutorial about getting halo flaming helmet, halo flaming helmet code, free flaming helmet code, Gaming with step by step guide from susan.

At present, Halo Reach players can get free flaming helmet code. Why and how?
Here is further information on how to get free flaming helmet code.

This free halo reach flaming helmet code generator will generate a free code for
you. The free halo reach beta code generator will generate a code based on the
algorithm that bungie use to create the codes they release on facebook. All you
need to do is hit the generate button and get your free flaming helmet code.

According to Web User, the developer gave away some free unlock codes just a few
hours after the new Halo game was released, and we’re sure many of you missed
them, as did we. The codes were given away on Bungie’s Facebook page, which
unlocked a flaming helmet.

Bungie employees were the only people to have the legendary flaming helmet before, so this was a sort after upgrade. The codes were one per person, so while Web User shows one on their site, this does not work anymore (as long as a user has used it already).

Bungie has 175,771 Facebook Likes at the time of writing, far more than our 1673
Hot topics on Bungie’s page have included gamers looking for Halo Reach secrets like ‘Easter eggs’. What hidden gems have you found in Reach?

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