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How to Get InFamous 2 Reaper Skin

By Jason : A how to tutorial about Get InFamous 2 Reaper Skin, InFamous 2 Pre Order DLC Skins List, * inFamous 2 pre order DLC weapons, Gaming with step by step guide from Jason.

In InFamous 2, the Reapers were a faction of thugs, criminals and drug dealers that operated in Empire City. Most players are lost reaper skin, caveman club, sword, and sly cane for my preordered copy when they have preordered and promo code for the lightning hook. Do you know how to get the InFamous 2 Reaper Skin? Follow the InFamous 2 cheats you can find reaper skin in InFamous 2.

Tip 1: Get InFamous 2 Reaper Skin
First you should know that inFamous 2 Pre Order DLC Skins skins won't be active until 5-10-2011 to 6-31-2011. So you need to wait a moment.

Tip 2: Get InFamous 2 Reaper Skin
If you have picked up your HE and download the Super Voucher you can try to pause your game go to options then Skin.

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