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How to Get into The Sunset House in Fable 3

By lucy : A how to tutorial about getting into sunset house, getting into fable3 sunset house, fable3 sunset house, Gaming with step by step guide from lucy.

A great many of Fable 3 players are just wondering how to get into the Sunset House in Fable 3. This article will show them several most useful and effective ways to get into the Sunset House in Fable 3.

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Guide1: Get into the Sunset House in Fable 3

The most popular walk through is to go to the 4 statues left when you first enter, interact with each 4 times, the house becomes real, go inside, beat chesty at chest, then the house becomes yours.

Guide2: Get into the Sunset House in Fable 3

You can start in Morningwood fort. Run straight out of the gate into Morningwood (not toward the Hole, rather into the cemetery areas where you killed the hollow men with the mortar). To your left is the entrance to the Dark Sanctum (flaming gate); don't go there--run past. The next destination to your left is up a hill, it's the cemetery area where Sam and Max are--run past that too. You go through a sort of chokepoint between mausoleums. From this point on hug the lefthand side and the next exit you find will lead to Sunset House.

Guide3: Get into the Sunset House in Fable 3

Go there at night. Go to each statue and hit activate on each statue 4 times going counter clockwise. Once you fix the satutues positions at night, the house will automatically open itself up for the day time.

Guide4: Get into the Sunset House in Fable 3

There's a gazebo off to the left (if you're looking at the house). Go in the daytime and take note on the positions the statues are in. When you go back at night, put them in the same positions, and voila. There is no overkill.There is only open fire and time to reload.

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