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How to Get Money in Fable 3 Fast

By ruby : A how to tutorial about get money in fable 3, gain money in fable 3, change facial hair in fable 3, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Getting money is a common problem in Fable 3. Many gamers want to know how to get more money in Fable 3. Here are some tips can help you to get money fast in Fable 3.

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●Tip 1 - Get Money in Fable 3 Fast

How to put money into the treasury?
Go to the treasure room of your Sanctuary, when you pause the game. Then walk up to the ledger and choose Transfer to Treasury.

●Tip 2 - Get Money in Fable 3 Fast

At the end of Fable 3 how much money are the good choices like exactly?
You would need at least 8.5 million Gold, since keeping each promise while avoiding taking any of the money for yourself, puts the country at -2 million.

●Tip 3 - Get Money in Fable 3 Fast

How to raise money to fight the darkness and still be good in Fable 3?
The answer to this question is lengthy and requires some strategy, of which opinions differ. here is a link to a website devoted to helping people in Fable 3. You can get it: earn gold

●Tip 4 - Get Money in Fable 3 Fast

Getting Money in Fable 3?
Buy houses and rent them out also buy businesses they generate a lot of money quick. If you jack the prices up on the rent and the profits on the business. it doesn't hardly affect your morality choice not that i noticed. Keep buying buildings until you own it all. I had 10 million when i became king.

●Tip 5 - Get Money in Fable 3 Fas

Any Fable 3 cheats (money) or (guild seals)?
The only money cheat that i know of was when you moved your time forward on the dashboard but that was on Fable 2 idk about 3.

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