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How to Get to Driftwood in Fable 3

By lucy : A how to tutorial about reaching fable3 driftwood, fable3 driftwood golden key, getting to fable3 driftwood, Gaming with step by step guide from lucy.

As we know Driftwood lies near the coast. Driftwood is presumably an island, "established" by the Hero at some point in the game, since the achievement Island Paradise mentions it's establishment. To get to Driftwood you must build the bridge in Millfields and get the Driftwood golden key in Fable 3.

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Step1: Establishing Driftwood in Fable 3

You have to wait at least a few days (In-game time) for the bridge to be built, then either walk across It, or fast travel. Once there, you will have to complete a quest to kill the Hobbes Inhabiting the Island to make It safe for people to live there, you will need to complete a few more quest on the Island to establish It as a settlement.

On your map you can press X over the Island to fast travel to It If It has been unlocked yet. The bridge to driftwood Is a few steps away from where you payed the man to build the Bridge.

Step2: Getting Driftwood Golden key in Fable 3

You'll open up a way to the switch later in the game, after you've fully "unlocked" Driftwood. I just did it right now, and it didn't happen until well into my monarchy faze.
You have to get the ach Establish Driftwood. You can't advance the switch until you establish the island fully.

Once you have established the Driftwood and gotten Driftwood golden key in Fable 3.
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