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How to Give Gifts in Fable 3 Easily

By ruby : A how to tutorial about giving gifts in fable 3, giving kids gifts in fable 3, giving wife gifts in fable 3, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Do you know how to give gifts in Fable 3? Here are useful tips can help you to give gift to your wife and kids in Fabl 3. I think the methods are effective and easy. You can give gifts to wife or kids simply.

●How to Give Gifts to Your Wife

Method 1. You only give gifts during relationship quests.

Method 2. Just walk up to the person that wants to receive the gift, and interact with them. As long as you have the gift that they want they will then accept the gift and you'll be good to go.

Method 3. The only way I know how, is to join someone's game via co-op, then stand next to that player. You will have the option to press RB to give them gifts. You will go into your sanctuary and then have the ability to sort through the possible gift items, even gold, and give them to the other player. That player will then need to go to his/her sanctuary and open the gifts to actually receive them.

●How to Give Gifts to Your Kids

Method 1. Try the RL way of handling that situation. Kick them out of the house and tell them to get a job.

Method 2. Go to the house that you currently have your family staying in and interact with the property sign outside of it. Then select family allowance. You can then raise or lower how much money they get to spend daily.

●Give Gifts in Fable 3 Tips

Tip 1: They gotta like you alot I think lol. I havent really tried Im trying to find the second escaped prisoner but it says hes in the academy and then tell me hes not lol

Tip 2: Fable 3 - When people give you gifts?

It means that the person has chosen to give you an item whether because they like you or they hate you enough to try and bribe you to go away. You can find the unopened presents in the sanctuary on the small bookcase near your dog.

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