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How to Hatch Dragon Eggs

By maria : A how to tutorial about dragon eggs, dragon nest, hatching dragon eggs, Gaming with step by step guide from maria.

The legendary creature known as a dragon makes an impressive sight flying through the skies with its huge wings and breathing out fire. As a reptile, dragons begin life as eggs. According to dragon lore authors and experts, the eggs resemble beautiful rock-hard ovals twice as long as they are wide. If you're lucky enough to happen upon a dragon egg, follow these steps to hatch it.


Step 1

Understand that most dragon eggs are found in a nest made by its mother. The nesting time varies, but averages two months. If one of the parents remains nearby, stay away from the egg.

Step 2

Check the dragon egg if no parents are watching it. If you don't see a chipped area or hear any tapping sounds, then it's not time for the egg to hatch. The impervious surface of a dragon egg only gives when the hatchling inside determines the time. All you can do is watch and wait.

Step 3

Allow the dragon to complete its incubation period. If possible, the original nest is the best location. Arrange for a quick source of fresh meat.

Step 4

Keep your ear open for a noise from the egg. When it is time to hatch, the hatchling uses its egg-tooth, the sharp bone on their snout, to start breaking out of the shell. You can help with the hatching by gently tapping on the shell.

Step 5

Feed the baby dragon immediately with the fresh meat you arranged for. Dragons feel a fierce hunger after being born and can be quite disagreeable until fed. Additionally, the first feeding bonds the baby to whomever fed it.

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