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How to Have A Child with Your Wife in Fable 3

By maria : A how to tutorial about having kids in fable3, fable3 kids, giving gifts to kids in fable3, Gaming with step by step guide from maria.

How to have child in Fable 3? As we know, some couple just have difficulty in having kids in Fable 3. This article will tell you how to have baby, so that you need not adopt child in orphanage.

Tip1: Have a child in Fable 3

In order to have a child, you have to interest your spouse enough to "convince" them to have sex. Then, go to the bed in your house. Press A and then the screen will ask if you want protected or unprotected sex. Press unprotected and see if you have a baby carriage. Your Children will stay with your spouse as you go about your heroic acts.

They will grow to be more like you in personality and alignment. Children go through two stages, Baby and Child. Babies stay in their cribs and do not move while the Child has the traits of any of the NPC children. Before the trip to the Tattered Spire they will not age from the Baby status until you return, afterwards children will age from baby to child if you travel far enough away from home and return. There is a limit of about 5-7 children per spouse.

Tip2: Have a child in Fable 3

It seems Elliot is fireing blanks. If you tried it with another guy you probably have to be married for it to work it was the same on fable 2.

Tip3: Have a child in Fable 3

The most direct way is to get a new wife if she can't get the pregnance.

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