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How to Install the Sims 3 Custom Content

By Serena : A how to tutorial about installing custom content, sims 3 custom content, the sims 3, Gaming with step by step guide from Serena.

The Sims 3, while a very fun game, definitely lacks the amount of objects that gamers got used to on The Sims 2. It has been taken
up by the Sims community to create various custom content that fans can use in their gameplay. This article teaches you how to install
custom content for The Sims 3 on a Windows computer, to add some fun to your gaming experience.

Step 1

First, you need to learn the difference between .package, .sim, and .sims3pack. Each of these are different file extensions that custom content for The Sims 3 can come in. The easiest one to deal with is .sims3pack. To install this custom content, you simply double click it. he process is automated, and you do not have to change any files. .sims3pack files are usually houses or community lots. .package files can be anything from items to clothes, and .sim files are, well, Sims.

Step 2

Create the required folders. You need to navigate to C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3. In this folder, right click and click.
Create new folder. Name the new folder Mods. Inside Mods, create a new folder named Packages. This is where any package files will go. Go back to The Sims 3 root folder, and make a folder called SavedSims. This is where any .sim files will go.

Step 3

Next, you need to make a configuration file that will tell The Sims 3 how to run the custom content. You have to put this file in The Sims 3 root folder, found at C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsThe Sims 3. Right click somewhere blank, and click create new text document. Open the text document, and copy and paste the following into it:

Save it as Resources.cfg (.cfg is the extension - make sure it is not .txt). You may need to rename it again, because it might save as Resources.cfg.txt. Make sure the .txt is not there.

Step 4

Now all you have to do is download the custom content. I will leave a site in the resources section of this article that has custom content for The Sims 3 - it is free. Happy Simming!

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