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How to Kill Mr.House in Fallout New Vegas Easily

By Maria : A how to tutorial about in fallout new vegas, killing in fallout new vegas, in fallout new vegas tips, Gaming with step by step guide from Maria.

Many Fallout New Vegas players are wondering about when and how to kill in Fallout New Vegas. This article will show them useful tips on how to kill easily.

Tip1: Kill in Fallout New Vegas

1) Blow up the bunker on fortification hill. (For Caeser)
2) Upgrade his security systems with it (For Mr. House)
3) Kill Mr. House and give the chip to Yes-Man to have control of the strip (I guess?)

you could make a save game and try out all the options. Unless someone else who already beat the whole game posts here.

Tip2: Kill in Fallout New Vegas

You just got the chip from Caesar, then took it into the vault thing and opened the vault where you see mr.House, upgrade his bots when you get out go to caesar and say you did what he asked, and kill benny with a machete, go to yes man at the front of the tops in the vegas strip once you have the chip.
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He'll tell you to go to the lucky 38 to see what the chip is capable of from say u will not give the chip to, you'll know you did it right when the bots are all attacking you, go to the terminal by the stair case after the wall opens go to the next terminal and activate the elevator kill Mr.House go back to yes man so he can upload himself to the mainframe thingy and ur done.

Tip3: Kill in Fallout New Vegas

I just killed Mr. House, but I saved just in case I didn't like the outcome. I received a note just after I did it that made me feel good about killing him. He seemed like a typical "I know what's good for everyone" type.

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