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How to Make a Moses Basket

By annathomson : A how to tutorial about basket, Moses, Home & Family with step by step guide from annathomson.

Step 1: covering the inner surface
You should have a woven basket with you, you need to convert to a cozy basket for your baby sleep in. The first step in this process of transformation is to examine the inside of the basket, as this is where you place find your baby. Start by covering the inner surface with a soft cloth towel. This is to ensure that your baby's head does not bump against the walls of the basket when he is in it. Use the scissors to cut the fabric according to the dimensions of the basket and use Velcro to secure it to the edge of the basket.

Step 2: Making the Mattress
Once you finish covering the inner surface with a cloth towel is to start with the manufacture of the mattress. Record the dimensions of the base of the basket on the cardboard sheet and cut it with the box cutter. Well, you put the box in the shopping cart and see if it covers the entire "floor" of the basket. If so, fold the cotton fabric and the outline of the piece of cardboard on it. Also draw the same outline on the sheet of foam. Now, cut the fabric in the same structure (where an extra inch all around for sewing) and you'll get two pieces of fabric. Images put together that the foam is finished between the two layers of fabric and your mattress. Well, you make a mattress cover, by the cotton and sewing her three ends and put the mattress inside.

Step 3: Decorating the basket

Once you have finished making the mattress, you put them into the basket and your basket is almost finished. What remains to be donedecorates the basket to appear prettier. You will need to use the satin cloth and ribbons. When it comes to decorating, you know, there are no rules as such. Just use your imagination and decorate it as you wish. For starters, you can add small ribbon bows and you on the edge of the basket with the glue. You can also wind the ribbon around the handles on the aesthetics of the shopping cart. Another cool idea is nonsense with satin fabric and glue them around the rim of the basket with Velcro. You can even paint the basket in a different color together!

So you can see that before Moses basket is a very easy and what is more, it gives you a good opportunity to put your creative skills on display! So what are you waiting for? Just take the things you start and you. If you see your baby sleep in his cherubic is anything you feel sheer luck!

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