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How to Make Money In Mafia 2

By dexterhan : A how to tutorial about PS3 Money Making In Mafia 2, XBox Money Making Mafia 2, Mafia 2 making money guide, Shopping with step by step guide from dexterhan.

Making Money In Mafia 2 -----Fast, Easy and Safe

I Just found a nice way to make money whitout losing too much time.
Everybody probably know that already, but you can crunch cars at Brusky's scrapyard, it will give you about 400$ by car. More or less depending on the car type and state (a brand you car without any scratch will give you more).

A great way is to go back on foot (after crunching the first car) to the west of the scrapyard, you will some sort of parking place with a lot of cars, after jumping over two fences. (look at the picture)
You can access the place by the road too.

When you'll be back with the car, the one who is generally near the cruncher will be spawned again, so you can park two cars in the cruncher for an easy 800$ minimum in about two minutes.

That's about 12000$ minimum in half an hour.

Feel free to add any other way to earn money in Mafia 2 in this thread

Hoping This Mafia 2 guide of How to Make Money In Mafia 2 would be helpful to you.

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