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How to Marry Elise in Fable 3

By dexterhan : A how to tutorial about find Elise Fable 3, marry Elise in Fable 3, Elise Fable 3, Gaming with step by step guide from dexterhan.

I hear there are a lot more options for marriage in Fable III. Obviously. Now, with all these added options, who will you be marrying? In my case, first I was thinking of making the perfect woman in the Villager Maker and marrying her, but now I'm more interested in Elise. so How can you Marry Elise in Fable 3

Where to find Elise in Fable 3
You had to get to her 3 days after the kidnapped quest or else she leaves

Marry Elise in Fable 3 Tips 1:
In the beginning of the game, you have an ultimatum. Logan forces you to either kill your love interest or kill a group of rebels. If you choose to kill the rebels, you'll eventually run into your love interest, although it won't be until later on in the game.

Marry Elise in Fable 3 Tips 2:
Elise is only available if you chose to have the male hero. And it's entirely up to you if you want to marry her or not.

Marry Elise in Fable 3 Tips 3
Elliot/Elise doesn't HAVE to be your love interest, when you first meet them they have already become childhood friends, but you decide whether they are just a friend or your girlfriend/boyfriend by either kissing them or hugging them to greet them

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