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How to Mine Obsidian in Minecraft Easily

By ruby : A how to tutorial about mine obsidian in minecraft, minecraft obsidian, minecraft storage system, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Many guys want to know how to mine obsidian in Minecraft. The article will show you how to mine obsidian in Minecraft easily. You can see some tips, problems and solutions about obsidian in Minecraft.

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●Tip 1: Is It Easy to Mine Obsidian? - Mine Obsidian in Minecraft

In the first tip, I want to show you the problem about is it easy to mine obsidian and guys' opinions. Their thought are different. But I think they are all useful.

Opinion 1:
Mine downwards until you hit bedrock. Go up 5-6 blocks. Make fingers in various directions. You'll hear a lake sooner or later. Get level with the lake, and make a roof over it (carefully). Dump a single bucket of water a square away from the lava surface. Watch a field of obsidian appear. Repeat until lake is covered. That's so super duper hard.

But another guy doesn't agree with it, he thinks:

No, you don't have to place water each time you mine a rock. Check the fringes for what's under. If there's lava under, keep a flow from behind. The water hits before the obsidian does, and creates more obsidian. I've mined out a full stack doing this, and I have at least three more stacks to go. No accidents, no losses--and I am very, very incautious in general (I kept falling in lava pits trying to bucket it out before stumbling across this method.)

With a small amount of planning, you can mine quite a bit with as little danger as it gets around lava.

Opinion 2:
Last night I started a random game on a random map and in less than 2 game-days I had my first obsidian. I also found a lava lake large enough to provide me with enough Obsidian for probably about 100 gates. Yeah mining it all would take a while, but It would still only take 15 minutes to get the obsidian for 2 gates if that is all I wanted. Big whoop.

●Tip 2: Obsidian Tools - Mine Obsidian in Minecraft

Someone said: Why not use obsidian blocks to make tools like diamond or stone or iron? I mean its a rather sharp material and is commonly used today for tools. But i thought why not make it like better then iron tools, but not as good as a diamond tool? other then the portals to the hell-world, it would give obsidian a really good use.

Opinion 1:

You need diamond to get obsidian. What use would obsidian be when you have diamond? You even said that diamond is better than obsidian.

Opinion 2:

*Takes two cents*
*Spends two cents on hammer*
*Thwacks silversil with a hammer*

NO! Bad minecrafter. Naughty boy. No din-dins for you tonight. But seriously, it's just too much work, and seeing how little time diamond takes to mine things, it would be cutting it too thin. And we allready have enough tools, if you're going to do something with obsidian, make it completely new. Something never done in-game before.

●Tip 3: Abusing Portal Creation for Obsidian - Mine Obsidian in Minecraft

You create a portal in the overworld, then move to a nearby chunk and create another portal. Far enough apart for Hell to spawn two portals, but close enough that they are relatively nearby. You head down to hell, mine the obsidian out of the created portal, then come back to the otherworld (via your first portal) and mine the portal you set up in the first place. Would that work? Is that an exploit? Is there a fix for it via Notch? A simple fix would be that whenever a portal is disconnected from it's twin, the alternate portal vanishes entirely, so that it can't be exploited as a hack.

Of course, Notch is a smart guy, so perhaps he already thought about this problem and solved for it?


Given the fact that you can create a hundred obsidian blocks in ten seconds with a pail of water, I don't think it's too important to deal with the "extra obsidian exploit" you discuss.

Yes, each obsidian currently comes from a magma spring, which is limited in theory, but since magma springs are quite common in the grand scheme of 32000x32000 meters, I figure it really doesn't matter.

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