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How to Play Minecraft Offline for Free

By ruby : A how to tutorial about playing minecraft offline, minecraft hacks, minecraft bugs fix, Gaming with step by step guide from ruby.

Minecraft is a interesting game that you can Plant Trees in Minecraft! As fans of Minecraft, you will know you need to play Minecraft online, but most players want to play Minecraft offline. Do you know how to easily play Minecraft offline for free? Follow Minecraft cheats which will show you some tips about playing Minecraft offline, and you can know some guide about fixing offline problem in Minecraft!

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1. Tips for Playing Minecraft Offline for Free
2. Minecraft Offline Problem Fixing Guide
● Minecraft Offline Client Error
● Can't Play Minecraft Offline
● Force Minecraft Offline

1. Tips for Playing Minecraft Offline for Free

I think you can download the software, it can help you to play Minecraft offline.

Minecraft Offline

2. Minecraft Offline Problem Fixing Guide

●Playing Minecraft Offline Problem 1 - Minecraft Offline Client Error

I downloaded the new off-line client, put the .exe file in my documents, but I get this error screen:

Answer 1: Check your Java version. You probably need to update it.
Make sure you're using JRE 1.6.0 at the very least.
Answer 2:
Let me think of some possible problems:
1) The download is corrupted and doesn't run correctly
2) Your OS is having problems running the .exe because of
------ Permissions (running as an Admin)
------ Java Runtime Environment incompatibilities
Here's an idea; why don't you try just running the Minecraft.jar that's labeled under Linux? It's a Java executable, so it should work on your system fine.
Then you can do:
1. Downloaded this 3 times, still same error.
2. OS issues
Permissions - I'm an admin on this computer, and I just tried running this on my bro's account, still same error.
Incompatibilities - My OS is Windows XP Home Edition, but I don't know if would be the cause of this problem.

●Playing Minecraft Offline Problem 2 - Can't Play Minecraft Offline

When i play minecraft through it works perfectly fine. But when i have downloaded the minecraft.exe I am unable to run it. It says it's an unknown file. Both Java and my graphic card is fully uptaded. Can someone please help me, Thanks.
Answer :
Rename it to minecraft.exe

●Playing Minecraft Offline Problem 3 - Force Minecraft Offline

I am a full paid Minecraft Alpha player.
I copied my Minecraft folder and the .minecraft data folder to my work laptop and tried to play, but it attempts to download the files and my corp firewall blocks that.

Is there a way to force minecraft to play with what's there instead of downloading the updates while playing... short of unplugging the network cable?

Answer: Try putting the files in the correct folder for the OS (either the path Andrige mentioned for Windows 7 or on XP + Vista it's C:/Documents and Settings//application data/.minecraft - or something very close to that), and don't forget to also copy the the lastlogin file which will tell the game you've already logged in once and can thus play offline.

Hope these can help you! If you want to know more, the Minecraft strategy guide will help you!

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