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How to print on iPad? - Hook Up A iPad to A Printer

By vicky222114 : A how to tutorial about iPad to Printer, Hook Up iPad to Printer, connect ipad with wireless printer, Technology with step by step guide from vicky222114.

How to print with your iPad? As we know, iPad don't supports printing and USB, we can not connect your iPad with printer directly. However, this guide including 4 methods to print with iPad.

Method 1: With Network Printers to print on iPad

Then there's printing. Clearly, one would expect to be able to print from the iPad. It has iWork, after all! You'll be typing essays and epic poems expressing your love of Apple in Pages and calculating how much money you save by not buying Windows in Numbers. Still, we haven't seen a single "print" icon or menu item yet. We don't suppose you'll be able to plug a USB printer into the device (even with a dongle for the 30-pin connector) but network printers are quite common. If the iPad could print to a network printer, one would think Apple would have mentioned so.

Method 2: With Bluetooth Printers to print on iPad

Yes you can connect a bluetooth printer to an ipad, but your printer must be bluetooth enabled, there is another way also, you can also connect to a printer using a wifi enable printer, wifi is faster and safer then the bluetooth connectivity, just go and search for the bluetooth printer device on you ipad to connect.

Method 3: With SD card reader to print files on iPad

I think the iPad is intended as an extension to a computer, not a full replacement yet. I also haven't seen anything about it being able to set up an Airport network, so I assume it demands an existing one.

I wonder with the SD card reader. you could save an image to the card and then print from that, possibly.

Method 4: Update iPad to iOS 4.2

As iOS 4.2 supports printing, you can upgrade your iPad to iOS 4.2 to print on iPad.

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