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How to Recover Formatted SD Card and Get Back Lost Photos?

By J Nell : A how to tutorial about recover formatted SD card, recover formatted photo, Computers with step by step guide from J Nell.

I once encountered situation like this, when I plug my SD card reader into my computer, it says I need to format my SD card before I can use it. And after I formatted my SD card, I lost all the photos I stored on it. My friend has had the same problem before. "For no reason at all, my camera's removable memory will say it must be formatted and there is no way around it. When it happened before I searched ages and eventually found a program that found every single photo. Now how can I recover formatted SD card?"

After searching and asking on line, now I find that recovering formatted SD card is not that hard. Al l you need to do is pay attention to a few things and have a good recovery software to help you.

When you formatted your SD card, first you need to stop using this card. All the data on this SD card can easily be overwrite if you put more things in it. Because the data and photos are very likely to still be there after you formatted your SD card. Once you overwrite the data, you will lose the chance to recover formatted SD card.

Below is a step-to-step tutorial about how to recover formatted SD card with Digital Photo Recovery, a photo recovery software that can perfectly recover photos or pictures from formatted SD card.

Step 1: Put your SD card to a card reader and plug it into your computer. You will find the letter assigned to your SD cord on your computer.

Step 2: Download and install the free version of this photo recovery software. Don't forget that you need to install it someplace other than the SD card you want to recover formatted photos.

Step 3: Start Photo Recovery, select the formatted SD card you want to recover on the top of the interface and select the file types (all, photo, music, video), then click "Start Scan" to start the automatic scanning process.

Step 4: Now you get a list of all recoverable photos from your formatted SD card. Preview the found photos to see if they are right the ones got formatted. If your formatted photos are confirmed, register to get an activation code. Then select the photos you want and click "Recover".

Step 5: Select a folder to store the recovered photos. Be careful: do not save the recovered items to the formatted SD card in case some photos are overwritten. Now you will successfully recover formatted SD card for your lost photos/pictures or videos.

For those who are using Mac OS X and accidentally formatted SD card, then turn to Photo Recovery for Mac, a recovery program designed to recover photos from Mac. And the recovery steps are quite similar to the above. So no matter what OS you are using, it is quite easy to recover formatted photos from SD card. Only need a few clicks your formatted files will be back to hand again.

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