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How to Replace a Dell Inspiron 6000 DVD Drive?

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How to Replace a Dell Inspiron 6000 DVD Drive
A damaged optical (CD/DVD) drive on your Dell Inspiron 6000 can be problematic. Not only will you not be able to play CDs or DVDs, but you also won't be able to install new software programs. The optical drive on this particular model is designed to be easily removed from the side of the unit., so it doesn't take a lot of tech knowledge to accomplish this, and you don't need many tools



Shut down your Dell Inspiron 6000 and remove the power cable. Close the display and turn the computer upside down.


RW DVD drive
Locate the end of the optical drive at the side of the computer. Remove the screw that's next to the end of the drive, on the bottom of the computer, close to the edge of the laptop.

Dell Laptop DVD Drive

Remove the screw a few inches back from the side of the optical drive that's marked with the icon of a padlock.


Insert the tip of your screwdriver in the screw hole. Push gently with the tip of your screwdriver to pop a metal locking tab; the drive will be freed.


Grip the drive by its end and pull it gently out of the side of the computer.


Fit a new one in its place and replace the screws

Tips & Warnings

Making repairs or upgrades to your computer may void your warranty.

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