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How to Restore White Boards Using Home Made Solutions

By mark_andrews : A how to tutorial about whiteboard marker, nail polish remover, permanent marker, Design with step by step guide from mark_andrews.

A white board is a classic piece of office equipment that is usually placed in conference areas and meeting rooms. When the board is overused, it begins to exhibit ghost marks and stains. Over time these can no longer be removed by any conventional eraser. This can be a distraction, particularly when the item is used for explaining important points during a meeting or brainstorming with staff in the office. Restoring a white board is actually an easy thing to do, which helps to get the office’s training and instructional material as close to looking new as possible. To begin, get a piece of clean cloth and a cleaning solution. The individual can also use of acetone for an easier cleaning time. After wiping the entire surface, use another cloth to wipe dry the excess solution. Allow the board to fully dry before proceeding to the next step. Once the white board has dried, apply a good coat of liquid sandpaper on the entire surface of the material. Make sure that the entire surface is covered and look for specific spots which may have been left out. Follow the directions stated on the can of liquid sandpaper for tips on effective application to the white board. After applying the liquid sandpaper, polish the white board using circular strokes and allow it to dry for at least six hours. Apply layers of turtle wax until the desired shine is reached. Using the same circular motion, ensure that the entire area is covered and use the same method to remove the turtle wax. Wait a few hours in between applications for best results. Dry the white board for another 24 hours prior to using. The white board is now as spotless as when it was first purchased for the office.

For those with whiteboards in the home or office, seeing marker stains in a whiteboard can be a very frustrating thing. We would want to ensure that this item will last for a long time to provide its purpose. Then without realizing it, we have used permanent marker to write on the whiteboard. In some instances, users accidentally use a permanent marker to write on the whiteboard. There are also instances when the office needs to announce certain important details and writing with a whiteboard marker may risk having the same removed. Using permanent marker is not a problem as there are available products which can help the office tackle the concern. The surface of the whiteboard simply needs to be thoroughly cleaned to return it to the same good condition. A good tip is to use any standard dry-erase marker to write over the permanent marker. Make sure that the permanent marker writings are fully covered and immediately wipe with a clean cloth. This should remove any permanent marks from the whiteboard. Using another cloth, spray on glass cleaner to remove any remaining stains from the whiteboard. Make sure the entire surface is wiped to also help remove present ghost marks in the process. If this does not work, use nail polish remover and wipe off any remaining marks still on the surface of the whiteboard. After using the nail polish remover, wipe the whiteboard surface again with glass cleaner to polish off the surface. The whiteboard can now be used again and will be as good as new.

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