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How to scan a image into word 2010 documents

By vicky222114 : A how to tutorial about image to word, Scan into Word, Word 2010 new features, Technology with step by step guide from vicky222114.

Have you come across this similar condition: Sometimes you need type a head of documents, and you you wanna if you can scan the documents to the Word. Before, to scan the imaged to word you need some OCR converter, which can convert image or PDF files directly to word. But now, you can do it directly with Microsoft Word 2010. Follow me to get it without typing:

Step1. Scan the page you want to convert into a Microsoft Word document

Step2. Save the scanned image in *.gif, *.jpeg or whatever format.

Step3. Open that image, go to "File->Save As" and name it "xyz.tiff" in the "TIFF" format as shown

Step4. Go to "Start->Programs->Microsoft Office Tools->Microsoft Office Document Imaging"

Step5. Go to "File->Open" and open your scanned document that has been saved in *.TIFF format

Step6. Go to "Tools->Send Text to Word." You will get a prompt stating this process will take time, Click OK. This will take some time depending on your computer's speed (a minute or two at the most).

Step7. When it's done it will open up Microsoft word on its own and the scanned document will now be in editable mode.

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