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How to Set the Details of Skybox S9 Satellite Receiver

By feelys88 : A how to tutorial about skybox s9 satellite receiver, skybox s9, skybox s9 hd, Technology with step by step guide from feelys88.

Skybox s9 satellite receiver from china factory. Crown-sat is a professional digital satellite receiver manufacturer located in ShenZhen China. At Crown-sat, The cheapest HD receiver, the Openbox S9 HD. This is by far the coolest receiver for this price. It runs very cool, unlike some older dreambox versions who get very hot.

SKYBOX S9 HD PVR Receiver General Specifications:

* This receiver has all the functions of dreambox ; It is the cheapest HD receiver; Can be used around the world;
* Linux Operative System; HD CPU; Available tuners: DVB-S2
* Multilingual support on screen menu (OSD): English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Danish, Greece,
Portuguese, Finland, Holland, Turkish, Czech, selectable--and Language can be increased in the future.

Set SKYBOX S9 HD PVR Receiver as follows:

The setting up of the receiver is simple enough, one thing you should beware of is the display settings, in the Menu select -> System Setup -> TV System -> Video Out here you get two options RGB & YUV, if you select RGB then you have only two resolution options 480i & 576i, there is also an Auto option, if you wish to access the full resolution options the set the YUV then you get them all [480i - 480p - 576i - 576p - 720p 50 - 720p 60 - 1080i 50 and finally 1080i 60] the 50 and 60 options shown refers to the refresh rate of your television, so if your television's refresh rate is 50Mhz then you must set the output to 50, for example select [1080i 50] and you will the get a crystal clear picture.

Of course if your television's refresh rate is 100Mhz or above, then you will not need to change the resolution, as it will run perfectly well on the default setting of 1080i 60.

If your picture is not quite as good as you expect, try going into Menu -> System Setup -> Display Settings and change any of the following options, Brightness - Contrast - Saturation, once you have set them exit and your alterations will be stored.

Now you will proberbly need to set your nework up, so again enter the Menu -> Network Local Setting and set DHCP to ON, if your router is not DHCP compatable you will need to manually configure the settings, once you have done that click Apply and exit.

Now for the hobby part, if you already have c-lines you will need to import them to the receiver, to do this use a usb flash stick formated in fat32 and place your CCcam.cfg file onto the flash stick, insert the flash stick into the usb socket on the rear of the receiver, then go into Menu -> Network Local Setting CCcam Plug Setting -> Update Files by USB -> SELECT OPTION 1 [cccam.cfg] and click the yellow button to install your CCcam.cfg file, if all goes okay click exit and select Manage Config Files select option 1 [CCcam.cfg] now place a tick to each line you wish to activate, if for example you have 4 clines from a testserver activate all 4 lines you should then see online next to each line you activated with a tick, now you can exit the menu altogether, as you can now start to add satellites and channels.

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