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How to Start I Could Make You Care Quest in Fallout New Vegas

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Many Fallout New Vegas players are just wondering about how to start I could make you care quest since it is a hard quest. This quest is actually triggered by Veronica's dialogue. There are ten triggered conversations throughout the Mojave Wasteland that Veronica will initiate in response ten different situations she and the Courier may encounter together. Completing three of the conversations will activate this quest. Here are several very useful tips to start I could make you care quest.

Tip1: Starting I could make you care quest

Some only trigger dialogue in certain situations (like while you're on certain quests). I had trouble with that and I was following the same guide you likely are. The three I got from her were Camp McCarran (just enter the base), Camp McCarran again (During There Stands the Grass) and Nelson (just walk around).

Tip2: Starting I could make you care quest

After traveling with Veronica for a long enough period of time, she will tell you that she must return to the Hidden Valley bunker to tell the Brotherhood how to save itself.
Upon returning to the bunker, Veronica will speak to the Elder in charge of the bunker, claiming that the Brotherhood must change before it dies out. The Elder rebuffs her, and Veronica vows to bring a piece of technology that will make him change his mind. She goes and locates a terminal she and her mentor, Father Elijah, had used to store data. Veronica then gives the player a choice of technology to locate: either the Helios One Station, a pulse gun developed before the war, or a new farming technology.

If the player has activated Helios One without using the Archimedes II weapon system, you can tell Veronica that Helios One is not a weapon, reducing your choices to the pulse gun or the farming tech.

If the player chooses the farming technology the quest is the same as There Stands the Grass.

Should the player choose the pulse gun, Veronica and the player will go and look for it at Nellis Air Force Base, where the player must evade the Boomers' artillery barrage if they have not already done so. Once inside, the player will have to sort through a filing cabinet owned by the Boomer leader. Inside the filing cabinet is a note indicating that the pulse gun has been moved to Vault 34, which must then be searched.

The gun is located in the highly irradiated vault armory, among a host of other loot. Alternatively, the player can purchase the pulse gun at Silver Rush, avoiding the need to search the other locations. Once the gun has been obtained, Veronica and the player will return to the Hidden Valley bunker to meet once more with the Elder. He will still refuse to change, citing the codex. Veronica will ask the player what to do, at which point the player can suggest remaining with the Brotherhood, leaving the Brotherhood, or express apathy at Veronica's situation.

Should the player recommend staying with the Brotherhood or have her choose on her own, Veronica will agree. Upon leaving the bunker, a group of Paladins will approach you. If you have 95+ Speech, you may convince them to give Veronica another chance. Also, if you have the perk Terrifying Presence, you can make them cower in fear by threatening them and the Codex, making the possible fight far easier. Since they will not move, you can even return later with a higher Speech skill and re-initiate conversation (note that it takes some time and perhaps an area transition for them to stop "fleeing"). If you can survive the onslaught you can get some nice Brotherhood loot. Either way, this will end the quest and she will obtain the perk, Bonds of Steel which increases the defense of her armor. Your Reputation with the Brotherhood doesn't change.

If the player suggests leaving, Veronica will express a desire to join the Followers of the Apocalypse. The player and Veronica will then leave the bunker, where they will be accosted and warned by a group of Brotherhood Paladins. Once Veronica and the player travel to the Followers outpost, they will be informed that they cannot be allowed into the organization until the leader of the outpost returns the next day. After waiting a day, the player and Veronica can return to the outpost to find all of the Followers dead and a group of Brotherhood Paladins waiting in ambush. After a battle with the Paladins, Veronica expresses regret for the deaths she has caused and vows to travel only with the Courier for the remainder of the game. She also gets "Causeless Rebel" perk, which boosts her unarmed attack rate. This doesn't change your standing with the Brotherhood but Veronica won't follow you into the Bunker any more.

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