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How To Stop Sims 3 Late Night Crashing On Your PC

By JoeHilton : A how to tutorial about Sims 3 crashing , tutorial guide repair , how to fix free tool, Computers with step by step guide from JoeHilton.

Sims 3 is a very popular simulation game where people can control characters and put them through daily tasks. With the release of the expansion pack 'Sims 3 Late Night' the game has become even more popular. However people have been complaining that the game the randomly starts crashing whilst they are playing it. There could be many reasons for this, but in this tutorial you will be shown to stop the game from crashing. Not a lot of people know this but a crash is different from a freeze and people get confused about the 2.

A crash is when the computer can't execute specific functions either because files cannot be read or they are damaged or corrupt and then shuts down or restarts. A freeze is when a specific program or the entire computer ceases to respond to inputs. To fix this problem follow the tutorial that is oultined below: Firstly you should re-install the game. This will ensure the computer can read the new files, it also ensures that you dont have any damaged or corrupt files on your system. To re-install the game Click "Start > Control Panel > Add / Remove Programs", Locate "The specified game", Click "Remove" next to the listing Follow the uninstall process Restart Your PC Re-install the game from the original installation CD.

Next you should update your graphics driver because the game might require the latest driver in order to play the game. It may also be the case that the driver is outdated or incompatible. To update your graphics driver you should visit the manufacturer and download the latest updates. After that it is recommended that you update Windows because your computer may have an outdated version of Windows, which is why the game is difficult to run normally. To update Windows Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update. Finally it is highly recommended that you perform a scan of your registry using a registry cleaner. This will locate any impurities and imperfections that the registry has and will repair them.

The registry is an integral part of any computer as it stores very important files, which ensures the computer can function correctly under any circumstances. However the structure of the registry is very delicate and prone to damaged and corruption as well as the files inside. If the structure becomes damaged or corrupt then the computer can become confused when searching this database for specific files if they are not in the right place. The registry cleaner is able to structure the database to ensure the computer can run as fast and smoothly as possible.

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