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How to Transfer Pictures from HTC HD2 to Computer

By dexterhan : A how to tutorial about Transferring Pictures HTC HD2 Computer, transferrtransferring ping pictures htc hd2 laptop, transferring pictures htc hd2 system, Technology with step by step guide from dexterhan.

connect your phone to your computer(via activesync), then find the folder called “DCIM” and then a folder called “100Media” inside of that. That is where your T-Mobile HTC HD2 stores the pictures you took. And then just drag them to your PC.

I usually just use Activesync for this, and select the file explorer option and copy and paste to the my documents folder (my music my pictures etc) on the device, this should work fine.

Have you tried dragging and dropping the files using the mass storage method? When you plug your phone into your PC, choose mass storage mode, you'll then be able to view all of the files on your phone via the Computer Icon on the desktop

We'll need to grab an HD2 and try this for ourselves, but unfortunately I don't have access to any phones at the moment. I shall pass this one over to our morning crew to have a look at for you

Finally managed to get my hands on the phone, and I can confirm that camera photos are stored under My Device > My Documents > My Pictures > 100MEDIA

I trust that helps

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