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How to Uninstall Minecraft Easily and Completely?

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Most of the programs can be easily removed with the Windows Control Panel. However, Add/Remove Programs feature may fail to uninstall some programs. When you are going to uninstall Minecraft with Windows Control Panel, you may find that it is impossible for you to uninstall it completely. Why you cannot uninstall Minecraft fully? Keep on reading and you will find the answer, but also find the simplest method to uninstall Minecraft.

What prevents you from uninstalling Minecraft completely?

Windows Control Panel can uninstall most of the programs but why you cannot uninstall Minecraft with the Add/Remove Programs feature? Because uninstalling Minecraft in this way, some registry entries and related files would be left in your computer. Therefore, if your want to uninstall Minecraft completely, you should delete all these remaining registry entries and related files.

How to delete related files of Minecraft?

1. Open up My Computer, open C:/Program Files and delete related files of Minecraft.
2. Open C:/Windows folder, and double click REGEDIT. EXE to open it.
3. Press Ctrl + F to open search box, type Minecraft in the box. The system will find out all related keys, delete them all.

How can I uninstall Minecraft completely and easily?

Deleting Minecraft manually with the above method is not an easy job. You have to be very careful; because even a tiny mistake will result in the computer’s performance problems, registry errors as well as instability issues among other problems. Therefore, it is recommended users to uninstall Minecraft with an uninstall tool. An excellent removal tool would uninstall any unwanted program from your PC easily. With only a few clicks, not only Minecraft, any other unwanted programs installed in your PC can be removed totally and easily! All you need to do is to free download a reliable, trusted and powerful uninstall tool.

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