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How to Unlock All Costumes in Shank

By anne : A how to tutorial about shank costumes unlocking guide, unlocking shank costumes, shank costumes list, Gaming with step by step guide from anne.

Shank is a 2D side-scrolling beat 'em up developed by Klei Entertainment. It features melee and ranged combat. It was announced at Penny Arcade Expo 2009. The game was released on the 24th August 2010 for PlayStation Network, 25th August 2010 for Xbox Live Arcade and was released on the PC on October 26th 2010.

How to Unlock All Costumes in Shank

Shank costume1:The Original Shank
how to unlock : This one’s easy. Just buy the game and you’ll have Shank in all his original glory.

Shank costume 2: Kung Fu Shank
How to unlock: Give Shank a Bruce Lee makeover by scoring 1000 kills. (Also unlocks the “Mow ‘Em Down” Achievement.)

Shank costume 3: Wildman Shank
How to unlock: Complete single-player on Hard difficulty

Shank costume 4: Shank the Spartan
How to unlock: Complete the backstory

Shank costume 5. Red Pajamas Shank
How to unlock: Transform Shank into a red ninja by accomplishing a 150-hit combo. Yes, it’s pretty tricky, but definitely do-able.

Shank costume 6. White Pajamas Shank
How to unlock: Everyone knows that red ninjas are more badass than white ninjas. That’s why you only need to pull off a 100-hit combo to unlock the white pjs.

Shank costume 7: Horror Shank
How to unlock: Kill 100 dudes with the chainsaw

Shank costume 8: ANY-S costume
How to unlock: After completing single-player input the following code: up+up+down+down+left+right+left+right+circle+x.

Shank costume 9: Dance Shank
How to unlock: Dance Shank has a kickin’ afro. We like to think this is a nod to an incredible 70s icon… Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about? SHANK! Just complete the game on normal and this sweet ‘do is all yours. (Also unlocks the “And It Continues” Achievement.)

Shank costume 10: DeathSpank Costume
How to unlock: After beating the game enter Up+X+down+B+Left+Y+Right+A / Up+Square+down+Circle+Left+Triangle+Right+X while in the game

Shank costume 11: Shank the Gimp
How to unlock: Kill 500 creatures such as rats

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