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Information About The Manny Backus Business

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I am Manny Backus. I am well known as the “Stock Trading Whiz Kid”. Also I have earned the title as “Untutored Prodigy of Stock Investing”. Surprisingly, I was already successful at the stock market since I was only 15 years old. And at the age of 19 years old, I was able to actively trade in the stock market using my own money. It is as if no one has ever achieved many successes at such a young age. The titles I had earned are a lot and it made me an expert. I was not trained on how to do business just like many businessmen out there. Yet I have done so many at the stock market which lead me to become successful. I have learned how the system in the stock market works. I can say I am not your typical stock market broker.

At my young age, I was very fond of playing chess. Actually, I am very good at it. The strategies, tactics and moves really count if you want to win the game. All of these I believed to have mastered them. I have a deep passion and interest in playing chess. However, when I have engaged myself at the stock market, my fondness at playing chess was put on hold. That does not mean I have forgotten everything I have learned from playing chess. The strategies, tactics and moves have actually helped me as I went to venture out in the world of stock market.

In the year 2002, I founded one great company called “Wealthpire Incorporation”. Actually I have run the business to engage in trading research services. Thankfully, it came out with a big success to my life, it is now an INC 500 company. I do not engage my services to fraudulent business. I do not manipulate the services, I advertise unlike many other businesses out there. One of my goals is to help ordinary investors out there to become as successful as they can be. Sadly, there is such thing called as “Manny Backus Scam.” I do not involve myself to scams. I adhere to the right ethics of how to do business. Despite that nonetheless, I have remained true to my clients. You can read their actual testimonials that are easily found on my official homepage.

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