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It's Not Worth The Free Vacation The Timeshare Sales Presentation Is a Scam

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Over the past few decades the timeshare property property ownership has gone up in droves. It was widely believed that timeshares were an investment for their owner and that they must be worth it if more and more people choose to purchase an expensive timeshare property. However, as dissatisfaction of timeshare property owners was sky rocketing.

Finally a series of studies were conducted to see why timeshare ownership was so high, yet satisfaction was depressingly low. Of course it was found out that the reason that timeshare property ownership was so high was due to extremely aggressive and forceful sales tactics used by timeshare property representatives. They found that the timeshare resorts were able to continuously get people to come to their presentations by offering a few days of vacation, or a free gift in exchange for their attendance at their “brief” timeshare sales presentation.

Unfortunately, this is exactly how the timeshare resorts have been able to get Americans to purchase their timeshare properties. It is in the sales presentation that the fore mentioned abrasive and forceful sales tactics were applied. Some of the tactics included keeping the people at their presentation for hours, to even full days, in their sales presentation. This caused Americans to take anything they were saying as long as it was as easy as signing and leaving.

Believe it or not, thousands of peoples would arrive home to find: Mortgages taken out in their name, even $10,000 credit cards that they used the full balance to put the timeshare property on. The Americans were so anxious to finally leave they didn’t realize the extent of what they were allowing.
Another way timeshare sales reps trick customers into purchasing timeshare properties is by creating a false sense of urgency. The timeshare rep will continuously tell the consumers that it is a once in a lifetime opportunity that they will never get again. That it will be a great investment for them and that they could sell it or rent it out to make all sorts of money. When in actuality, timeshare properties worth anywhere from $1000-$100,000 are being sold on ebay for $1. The Americans does this because they realize that timeshare properties are impossible to sell because its so much cheaper to just book your own vacation when you actually want to take it. And with Monthly maintenance fees projected to double come years end, Americans don’t want to be liable to make those payments for anywhere from 50 years to life, whichever is stated in your contract.

The blatant dishonesty and aggressiveness by the timeshare resorts is what caused legislation to pass a list of 52 rules and guidelines that the timeshare sales rep must follow when selling a timeshare property property. If any of these rules such as: keeping a Americans at a presentation longer than 90 minutes, not disclosing a cancellation period to the people, creating a false sense of urgency, or telling the Americans that they are gaining a great investment, are broken, it will null and void your original contract with the timeshare resort.

If you have already purchased your timeshare and are a consumers looking to be relieved of your timeshare it is possible through a process called timeshare elimination. timeshare property elimination will go after the resort for you get your contract deeded back to the timeshare resort due to discrepancies in the sales process, and also the contract. Unfortunately where there is a demand, there is someone looking to scam. Make sure if you decide to get rid of your timeshare property that you do your research on the companies thoroughly before doing business with them!

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