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Cervical cancer is ranked top among the list of various types of cancer that involves death in women in the world. In Indonesia, every year more than 15, 000 detected circumstances of cervical cancer.Approximately 8000 cases of which ended with the passing. According to WHO, Indonesia is a country with a number of patients with cervical cancer are highest on the globe. Why be so serious? Because cervical cancer appear as enemies in the blanket. Difficult to detect before disease has reached an advanced stage.Cervical cancer will arise in women aged 35-55 years, but may also appear in women using a younger age. The factor for this cancer is a virus termed Human papilloma virus (WARTS), a type involving virus that attacks people. There are 100 types of HPV which most don't harm, do not cause symptoms that look but will disappear by itself. HPV infection is most popular in young adults (18-28 years).Symptoms of cervical melanoma in pre-cancerous condition characterized by abnormal cells found at the bottom of the cervix may be detected through a Pap smear, or with recently socialized is as a result of Visual Inspection with Acetic Uric acid. Cervical cancer often causes no symptoms. But any time it develops into cervical melanoma, before symptoms appear like vaginal bleeding and vaginal discharge that's not normal, pain during urination together with pain during intercourse.Inside early stages, the disease causes no symptoms are easily observed. That's why, you who ? re already sexually active is highly recommended to perform a pap smear test once every two years. Physical symptoms of this disease is generally only felt by of those with advanced cancer.Symptoms involving advanced cervical cancer:* Your emergence of pain and bleeding during intercourse (contact bleeding).* Disproportionate vaginal discharge and uncommon.* Bleeding outside the menstrual period.* Drastic weight loss.* If the cancer has spread to your pelvis, the patient are affected from back pain complaints* Also barriers with urination, and kidney enhancing.Although ranked highest among the various types of cancer that involves death, cervical cancer is the only real type of cancer that has a known cause, namely as a result of:* Not having sex with a partner who alternated* Diligently doing some sort of pap smear every two years if you happen to are already sexually lively* And do the HPV vaccination for those who have never done sexual get hold of* And of course maintaining a sound bodyCurrently cervical cancer (kanker serviks) may be prevented by HPV vaccine. This task can help provide protection against some types of HPV that can trigger problems and complications which include cervical cancer and vaginal warts. This vaccine should get to young women as early as possible, because the immunization amounts of the body together with growth and reproduction of cells in the cervix area is still excellent.Vaccination is a approach to early detection as an effort to prevent cervical tumor. Through the greater the opportunity healed vaccination this disease and more likely to push rates of cervical melanoma cases that threaten a lot of women. For that, immediately contact your doctor to help prevent cervical tumor. Come help prevent cervical tumor now!

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