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License Plate Number Lookup

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There is still hope. If you need to conduct a reverse license plate number search online, below are several methods to accomplish your goal.The first method is to hire a private investigator. Find your local phone book and turn to the private investigation pages. Start calling and get prices for how much they charge to run a license plate trace. You can expect to pay $150 to $300 to get this service completed in your local area.The next method is to use a large online private investigation service like or These services will charge you $79 or more to search by license plate number. You will normally get back a combination of the following information: the first and last Name, address, registration and expiration date, make and model of vehicle, VIN number, title number, lien holder name. These services can normally get information for most states in the United States as Canadian Provinces. License plate data for additional countries are also available depending on the service. The third option is to join a private investigation tools membership service where you have access to databases and resources used by private investigators. These memberships normally start at $29 to $59 per year and give you access to all sorts of people search databases used by private investigators. This is a good choice if you're willing to do the work yourself and you want to save a little money. The downside to this option is there is no guarantee that you will be successful in your search.As you can see from the options above, there is no such thing as a free reverse license plate search. About the only way you can get it done for free is if you know a law enforcement officer who will conduct the search for you (they have access to all of the databases). You can do a free online license plate search in order to find out the owner of any vehicle. This can come in handy for many different reasons and the best part is that it is free. You will need the full plate number and the right type of website to perform your search. The best part is that this is free and you do not need to pay any money for it.You can use this type of a search for many reasons and one of them is to find out the owner of a vehicle that could have been left in front of your home, in your driveway, or could be going around your neighborhood more often than you would like. This can help to protect you and your family or it could help you track down the right person to get that ugly vehicle out from in front of your home.Another great thing to use this type of a search for is if someone hits you or someone else you know and drives off. If you can manage to get the plate number, then you can do a free online license plate search and find out who it was. This happens very often with those that do not have insurance or have had a few too many to drink.Remember that anytime you need to know who owns a vehicle for any reason at all you can look it up if you have the number from the plate.

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