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List of Best Filipino Rice Recipes | Filipino Recipes

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Rice is the staple food in the Philippines. Rice is always served whenever we eat breakfast, lunch, or supper. Since we love eating rice so much, it is not only eaten during the regular meals of the day. Rice recipes can also be eaten as snacks and can be served with other popular and famous Filipino recipes during special occassions.

One good thing about eating rice is that it can really make you full and can provide you enough energy to do your daily tasks. Eating rice for breakfast is a really good way of starting your day.

Many rice recipes are already invented but the following are the most popular and well-liked by a lot of Filipinos:

Steamed Rice

Of course, this is the number one most popular rice recipe. Steamed rice is the one eaten by Filipinos during the regular meals of the day. This is commonly prepared using a rice cooker. These days, it is also possible to steam rice using microwave.

Steamed rice is always paired by any Filipino main dish when served.


Suman is made of glutinous rice. This is prepared by steaming the glutinous rice in banana leaves. Coconut milk, instead of water, is used when steaming suman. Suman is wrapped in Corypha leaves when served and sprinkled with white sugar when eaten.

It is a common rice snack here in the Philippines. Once the clock hits 3PM, it’s already time to eat suman.


Sapin-sapin is my favorite and one of the best Filipino recipes. Just like suman, it is also made of glutinous rice. Except that rice for sapin-sapin is ground which is basically called the rice flour. The other ingredients of sapin-sapin are coconut milk, sugar, water, and food colors. It is sprinkled with coconut flakes on top.

Sapin-sapin in Filipino means layers. It is called sapin-sapin because of its colorful layers. This rice recipe can be served as a snack or dessert.


Biko is the popular Filipino rice cake. Using glutinous rice and coconut milk, you can really make a lot of wonderful and delicious recipes. Biko is also made of those ingredients plus water and brown sugar. You may also top this with sweetened coconut flakes.

Biko can be eaten as snack and it is also popularly served in fiestas with other Filipino recipes.

If you’re interested to taste those mouthwatering rice recipes, just visit the supermarket nearest you where those recipes are commonly avaialable. If you reside in a foreign country, you can try visiting the Philippines. It’s worth it!

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